Beijing, December 9, 2014, World watch leader Rolex and Salzburg Music Festival and its chairman Ms. Helga Rabl-Stadler, presented a gorgeous romantic classical music feast at Shanghai Peninsula Hotel. As a renowned international Austrian "Salzburg Music Festival" since 2012 with the Rolex brand cooperation, both sides uphold the common belief - adhere to the pursuit of perfection, to help artists achieve excellence, and around the world to promote and popularize music. Ms. Helga Rabl-Stadler, chairman of the fake watches Robertson Music Festival, and the Rolex Partner, as well as some dealers, participated in the event and presented a gorgeous romantic classical music feast at the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel. At the same time, the dinner announced the new Chellini series of watches in the domestic market. The hall of the world's cultural heritage is the birthplace of Mozart and Karajan, the film "Sound of Music" shooting, "Christmas Eve" The birthplace. Each year more than 4,000 exciting cultural and artistic activities will be this charming city will become a "world stage", one of the most famous is the annual summer Salzburg Festival. The location of the event is located on the second floor of the hotel on the second floor of the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel. At the beginning of the event, the Rolex brand tells the story of the Rolex brand and traditional art. Rolex has always been active in the field of art to promote the development of traditional art. To commemorate tonight, this is a very classical The theme Rolex new Chelyni series will be officially listed in China. Mentioned this year's Rolex Chelini series of watches like Rolex brand people will not be unfamiliar, it is launched with basel this year, the latest products, the new series consists of 12 classical watches on the composition of the introduction to the majority of fans Attention and expectations, and finally today officially listed in the country, and the entire series of Celini can be divided into three categories. Cellini Time is a classic model of the tabulation, with hours, minutes and seconds display; and Cellini Date by the fake rolex watches deputy dial pointer to add calendar function, both real. Finally, the Cellini Dual Time can display both time zones and the sub-dial window in the second time zone to assemble the elegant sun with moon day and night instructions. The new Chellini series compared to the previous generation of products is the biggest improvement is the use of self-winding movement and enhance the waterproof function, the picture shows the new Celini Cellini Time series, it is a classic watch model, And seconds display, 39 mm dial platinum case, the domestic price of 120,000 yuan or so. New Celini Cellini Time Series Rose Gold. The picture shows the new Celini series Cellini Dual Time It has the function of displaying both time zones at the same time, and assembling the elegant sun and moon day and night instructions in the second time zone sub-dial window. All the new Chelini watches are extremely precise Of the self-winding mechanical movement, all by the Observatory certification for precision timepieces and manufactured by Rolex. Summary: watch industry, the praise of swiss replica watches is too much, and today I am not in one by one example, the new Celini series of products indicates that Rolex has a hot series was born, the new Celini series of domestic pricing in the 12-17 million yuan between the full range of use of the Observatory certified Rolex self-produced movement, Rolex exquisite workmanship and the new Celini solemn, practical, not flashy style is your business watch the first choice.